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Sale Policies and Ordering
Sale Policies:


* Sales permission granted by astralvulpes in 2009 *

**I ship from the United States. I do take international orders but understand that they may take 2-3 weeks to ship due to my schedule.

**I prefer PayPal for payments. Payment should be made out to When paying, please put your username in the memo along with what you're buying. Not doing so can delay your package.

**Payment must be sent within 24 hours or I will leave negative feedback. Sorry, but this rule has become necessary :(. I do occasionally hold items if more time is needed, just ask :).

**I don't accept trades unless you have Kingdra/Dragonite/Wartortle settei or animation cels. Haggling is OK.

**If you buy something, please leave feedback here:

**Prices do NOT include shipping. Please comment with your zip code so I can figure out the shipping charge. Shipping starts at $3 for most U.S. orders and $14 for international orders (as of the price changes for 2016). Shipping might be cheaper for certain flats.

**My house is pet-friendly! Keep that in mind if you have serious allergies to dogs. All merchandise is kept away from the animals, however.

TO PLACE AN ORDER: Check out the different categories below to figure out what you want. Then, simply leave a comment on this post with your order :). Make sure to specify if you're definitely buying or simply want a quote.



Your total is $10 shipped to :).


I'm interested in the Chikorita figure but do you take cash payments? >.>


I accept concealed cash at the buyer's risk (I'm not responsible if it gets lost in the mail or stolen) as long as the person has at least 5 positive feedback :). Which figure were you interested in?

Hi there, Is that cubone keychain the burger king one? If yes, committed to that to 06443 please :)

It's not, sorry, this is one of the Japanese ones (Bandai, I believe).

hi! can i please get a quote for the sharpedo water squirter to australia?

Shipping is $10.50 (I'm sure you're used to it but ouch, I always feel bad giving shipping quotes to people in Australia). So the total would be $13.50 shipped to if you're interested :).

I was interested in the Chikorita figure ^^

This one?

Just double-checking! I do have Chikorita kid figures, too, so I want to get it right :).

Send me a PM with your zip code and I will calculate shipping and give you the address for sending payment :).

Can I get hoothoot plush to 76244 usa?

Your total is $9 shipped to :).

I am interested in the Jirachi plush! Can I have a quote; shipping to 61761?

Total would be $21 shipped (in a box, it's too large for an envelope). If you're still interested, payment can be sent to :).

Hi, could I order these figures?

Mewtwo and Dialga in this pic:

rightmost Dialga figure in this pic:

Palkia figure in this pic:

I have somewhat of an odd favor to ask: Would it be all right if I paid in advance but had them shipped in a few weeks? Reason is that I'm heading back to college next month and think it would be easier if I had them shipped there. If that's not an option, then shipping would be to 07024.


Yeah, I can do that. What's the zip code for your college? Or would you rather pay shipping once you're there? Up to you :). Either way it's no problem.

I had a quick question - does the pumpkaboo MPC still have his chain?

It does :). I wasn't aware it was so hidden in the photo, sorry!

Hi :) Is Ledyba in good condition?

If he is, please could I have him to the UK? Thanks :)

Yup. He's an old plush but no issues that I can see :). Total is $17.50 shipped to Thank you!

How large is the Pichu Pillow with the flower? :o

It's a decent sized plush! Got a photo for you with a kid figure for reference:

Price would be $8 shipped. Payment can be sent to if you're interested :).

So, how much to ship the gensect styles to Canada? V5V 1G2

Would be the starting international shipping price, so $7.50. If you're interested, the total would be $9.50 shipped to :).

Shoot I guess I should have replied here.
just looking for a shipping quote on the gensect stylus to Canada, V5V 1G2

If still available, may I get the Vulpix friend plush to 54902? committed :)

Your total is $13 shipped to :).

Committing to the Happy Turtwig Kid figure to 53916 please

(just wondering if there is a minimum purchase payment for the sales? I read the info but just want to make sure)

There's no minimum, I know I've personally made a ton of tiny purchases on the community, ha :).

Total is $5 shipped to :). And just to make sure, you mean the last Turtwig in the photo, right?

Hi there! Please can I have a quote for the buizel keyring to the UK? Thank you!

It would be $10.50 shipped. Payment can be sent to if you're still interested :).

Interested in absol and zorua kid figures! Could I get a quote total shipped to 85021 USA? Thank you!

Total would be $9 shipped. If you're still interested, payment can be sent to :).

do you still have that mini model green jolteon? if so how much would it be to 47331 (USA) ?

I do :). It would be $8 shipped. If you're interested, payment can be sent to

Hello! I would like to purchase your hydreigon Zukan figure to 66442 please :)

It would be $11 shipped to :). Can ship it out tomorrow no problem!

Is the $3 piplup in this pic between Zorua and Oshawott,
A mini pokedoll?
IF and ONLY if it is, I am committed if its no more than $6 shipped.
Can I see more pics of it and its tush tag? :D

I am in the US by the way. ^^

Oh, it's a keshipoke, I had been wondering! I couldn't remember if Rampardos got one or not :).

Your total is $7 shipped to


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