Your total is $10 shipped to :).


I'm interested in the Chikorita figure but do you take cash payments? >.>


I accept concealed cash at the buyer's risk (I'm not responsible if it gets lost in the mail or stolen) as long as the person has at least 5 positive feedback :). Which figure were you interested in?

Hi there, Is that cubone keychain the burger king one? If yes, committed to that to 06443 please :)

It's not, sorry, this is one of the Japanese ones (Bandai, I believe).

hi! can i please get a quote for the sharpedo water squirter to australia?

Shipping is $10.50 (I'm sure you're used to it but ouch, I always feel bad giving shipping quotes to people in Australia). So the total would be $13.50 shipped to if you're interested :).

I was interested in the Chikorita figure ^^

This one?

Just double-checking! I do have Chikorita kid figures, too, so I want to get it right :).

Send me a PM with your zip code and I will calculate shipping and give you the address for sending payment :).

Can I get hoothoot plush to 76244 usa?

Your total is $9 shipped to :).

I am interested in the Jirachi plush! Can I have a quote; shipping to 61761?

Total would be $21 shipped (in a box, it's too large for an envelope). If you're still interested, payment can be sent to :).

Hi, could I order these figures?

Mewtwo and Dialga in this pic:

rightmost Dialga figure in this pic:

Palkia figure in this pic:

I have somewhat of an odd favor to ask: Would it be all right if I paid in advance but had them shipped in a few weeks? Reason is that I'm heading back to college next month and think it would be easier if I had them shipped there. If that's not an option, then shipping would be to 07024.


Yeah, I can do that. What's the zip code for your college? Or would you rather pay shipping once you're there? Up to you :). Either way it's no problem.

I had a quick question - does the pumpkaboo MPC still have his chain?

It does :). I wasn't aware it was so hidden in the photo, sorry!

Hi :) Is Ledyba in good condition?

If he is, please could I have him to the UK? Thanks :)

Yup. He's an old plush but no issues that I can see :). Total is $17.50 shipped to Thank you!

How large is the Pichu Pillow with the flower? :o

It's a decent sized plush! Got a photo for you with a kid figure for reference:

Price would be $8 shipped. Payment can be sent to if you're interested :).

So, how much to ship the gensect styles to Canada? V5V 1G2

Would be the starting international shipping price, so $7.50. If you're interested, the total would be $9.50 shipped to :).

Shoot I guess I should have replied here.
just looking for a shipping quote on the gensect stylus to Canada, V5V 1G2

If still available, may I get the Vulpix friend plush to 54902? committed :)

Your total is $13 shipped to :).

Committing to the Happy Turtwig Kid figure to 53916 please

(just wondering if there is a minimum purchase payment for the sales? I read the info but just want to make sure)

There's no minimum, I know I've personally made a ton of tiny purchases on the community, ha :).

Total is $5 shipped to :). And just to make sure, you mean the last Turtwig in the photo, right?

Hi there! Please can I have a quote for the buizel keyring to the UK? Thank you!

It would be $10.50 shipped. Payment can be sent to if you're still interested :).

Interested in absol and zorua kid figures! Could I get a quote total shipped to 85021 USA? Thank you!

Total would be $9 shipped. If you're still interested, payment can be sent to :).

do you still have that mini model green jolteon? if so how much would it be to 47331 (USA) ?

I do :). It would be $8 shipped. If you're interested, payment can be sent to

Hello! I would like to purchase your hydreigon Zukan figure to 66442 please :)

It would be $11 shipped to :). Can ship it out tomorrow no problem!

Is the $3 piplup in this pic between Zorua and Oshawott,
A mini pokedoll?
IF and ONLY if it is, I am committed if its no more than $6 shipped.
Can I see more pics of it and its tush tag? :D

I am in the US by the way. ^^

Oh, it's a keshipoke, I had been wondering! I couldn't remember if Rampardos got one or not :).

Your total is $7 shipped to


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